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Today as I was scrolling through Instagram I received a follow request”Zedd collectives has requested to follow you”.

So I opened Zedd collectives profile (before accepting the request as a normal person would do) the bio red “photographer” but the 25 pictures that I saw on that profile were just ……. pictures.

Normal ordinary pictures, far from the pictures that look like some ‘photographer’ had taken them. I mean the pictures could be called many things but photography, because photography is the terms that calls for professionalism. It is an art. If there had been a perfect synonym for photography I think it would be “vision”.

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Whether I calls it a vision, imagination or seeing, it all comes down to the same thing: The ability to envision a final result in your mind’s eye and then to make it so with tools at hand.

Given that photography is an art so I should be learnt and studied like all other arts, this is especially for people who want to earn a living from it. Studying photography is important to build a sound foundation of a successful carrier as a photographer as it allows you to expand your skills and immerse yourself in the subject whilst sounded by peers with the same passion for imaginary as you.

Reasons for learning photography also fit firmly with the opportunity of spending an extended period of time explaining, experimenting, and learning about photography with an attempt to increase your visual vocabulary.

Some people disagree that photography should not be taken professionally because than it becomes a “work” for you and does not remain fun as much.

You had to fulfill photography projects that become boring after some time. People of the same mindset are also of the opinion that when you start doing something professionally, sometimes you compromise the quality over quantity and hence money and photography should not be something on whose quality you could compromise that easily. Beginners Guide to Photography

Another reason such people give is that studying photography is very expensive and sometimes the teachers that you are studying under don’t appreciate you much and compel you to drop your unique style and adopt theirs.

But I think all these arguments do not hold much strength. If you study photography it does become ‘work’ but if you do your assignments with all the passion that you feel for photography, I am sure it would not seem work. It feels work only because there is a wee bit of pressure of deadlines and another similar stuff and I do not think that a tiny amount of pressure should diverge you from your passion so easily.

And yes it is an expensive subject to study but now there are many different universities offering decent scholarships for passionate students. In response to the argument that one tends to lose one’s unique style at photography I would like to say that if you study under the supervision of supportive teachers I don’t think this argument holds true.

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Even if someone wants to take photography as a hobby than too he or she has to attend workshops or short courses to get to know the technicalities and science of cameras. So to get better at it in my opinion photography should be studied properly.

Photography is important for number of reasons. Firstly it is a way of capturing moments in time and holding on to them forever. Secondly it is a good way to remember what people looked like at a certain time. Thirdly it is an excellent way to be creative. Once you know how to work with light and use your camera you can work wonders. Fourthly photography makes you to appreciate the world around you.

It sounds cheesy but it’s true! As you will start noticing sunlight beams coming through your window, how your grey sweater bring out the color of your sisters eyes.  Similarly this art helps you to capture the world the way you see it. I mean you have this image of landscape in your head or what your eyes see but it’s frustrating that when you take picture it looks washed out and turns out rubbish or not according to your expectations. Lastly photography is a profession that fits in with your life.

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You can take photos anytime, anywhere and you don’t necessarily need a professional camera, your phone camera can work perfectly in capturing everyday moments. There are some tips that beginner photographers should consider that will help them becoming a pro.

  1. Your camera should be with you all the time as moments worth capturing happen when you least expect them.
  2. The smaller the camera the better, as it would be easier for you to take it everywhere you.
  3. Consider using an inexpensive tripod for more stability if your hands are shaky.
  4. Don’t overlook simple everyday objects for photography. Start looking at your bedroom backyard and living room with fresh eyes.
  5. Don’t buy the expensive equipment right away. If you are a beginner start with basic equipment like your iPhone camera and take lots of photos on daily basis. The more photos you take the better you’ll know when it’s time to upgrade.
  6. Do experiment with your camera settings for having variety in your photos.
  7. When you get a little better at photography try to use different lenses for different purposes.
  8. Finally never stop the process of learning whether you are doing photography as a hobby or professionally. Read articles, attend workshops and try to gather as much information as you can to make your photos even the simple ones look exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful.

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