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Inteligen ingredients

Phosphatidylserine – This assists neurotransmitters in the brain to  improve the communication between cells in the brain.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Crosses the blood brain barrier and it successfully reduces mental fatigue and enhances cognitive function and improves learning ability.

Ginkgo Biloba – Increases Concentration, Fights Symptoms of PMS, Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression, Helps Treat Headaches and Migraines, Libido Booster

Vinpocentine – Throughout the world, Vinpocentine has been used to treat senile dementia with great success.


Visit the official Inteligen site Here

People are really getting success out of this product, people from all walks of life students, athletes, Mixed martial artists, swimmers, journalist, scientist executive CEOs who want that extra Edge to boost productivity, that extra power, that extra focus you need in this insane crazy world that we live in where everyone’s competing with each other.

You can  get it from an all natural supplement and it’s very safe and natural to the brain. You only take one pill a day and by the way – the first bottle you get is free, if you click the link below this video you can get it for free, the only catch is you have to pay for shipping and handling but hey the first bottle is free.

Whatever you want to achieve you need, focus is power, even people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet when asked what is the number one key to success they both looked at each other and then answer to the interviewer the same answer “Focus” and that’s what inteligen is going to provide for you focus focus focus.


Inteligen Ingredients: Techniques for enhancing memory how many people would like to improve their memory? all of us right.

Memory failures are common we all have memory failures in our daily life and this is perfectly normal, Weather by forgetting your car keys not remembering the name of a dear acquaintance or failing to show up for an appointment on time we all forget things we’re not computers and our memories are not perfect but there are things that we can do to improve our memory function.

Imagine for a minute that you have a medical illness that causes substantially impaired memory, there are many illnesses is out there like this some have neurological causes like multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and stroke.

Others have non neurological causes disorders such as cardiac failure diabetes or perhaps major depression, there are thousands of people out there that struggle really truly struggle with her memory functioning every single day but we can help them with the research at Kessler Foundation.

This foundation focuses on memory rehabilitation and I’m here to tell you today that we are making progress but before I go out to tell you about some of the techniques we’ve developed I want to talk for just a minute about a memory process. Memories are actually a very complicated process, some memories are composed of three stages – the first is encoding – the second is consolidation – and the third is retrieval.

Today I’m going to focus on encoding and reason I’m focusing on encoding is because that is where the vast majority of memory failures occur when I use the term encoding what I’m referring to is learning new information, many of us think of learning and we think about students and indeed students do a lot of learning and it’s actually their full-time jobs to learn information but we learn things every single day of our lives, we are constantly relying on our learning and memory system so you may need to remember what to get at a store, you may need to remember a series of to do items throughout your day, you’re learning the name of new acquaintances, you’re learning a new process that you might have to perform at work, there are so many memory taxing situations in our daily lives that we can only improve our lives by learning this new information.

So how do we do this?

In this Inteligen Ingredients Review, we will identify several techniques that Aid in learning new information and I’m going to tell you about two of those techniques today the first one is imagery, the process by which we attach a metal image or picture to verbal ideas and you can do this with almost anything to take a simple example let’s say you need to remember the word house – you might picture your house by doing this. What you’re essentially doing is forcing your brain to include information so the word house is being processed and remembered by your verbal memory Network.

The image of the house is being processed and remembered by the Visual spatial memory system which is located in your brain, so what you’re doing is you are increasing your brain activity and you’re helping your brain to learn new information in more than one manner.

So many people say well how does this help me I have to remember six or eight things to do and instead of remembering the things to do what you’re simply telling me to do is remember a bunch of pictures I still have to remember a whole bunch of stuff and that’s my problem, well, the secret is to combine unrelated material into one dimension so you can take 5 – 6 – 7 ideas and you can incorporate them into an image.

I’m going to show you an example of this let’s say you’re leaving your work in the morning, rushing out the door and have no paper you can’t write anything down, you have to remember to call your mother that day, you have to remember to buy butter, and apples and you’re on your way home and you have to remember to pick up coffee for your 9 a.m. appointment meeting because you want that meeting to go well; coffee always helps. And finally you need to remember that last night when you were working you had to change your network password and it’s now “blossom” – those are five completely unrelated pieces of information that you’re going to need to remember throughout your day, you can combine them into one image.

In this Inteligen Ingredients Review the second technique is context. Context refers to what comes before or follows the word so if I need to remember the word house or going back to our previous example I might say “the old house on the hill was charming” I’ve been enriched by the memory of that word by providing more semantic meaning to it; it’s old, it is charming and it’s up on the hill so much rich memory.

Just like imagery you can do this with extremely unrelated material, let’s use another daily life example let’s say you’re running to the store and you have to pick up string beans, hot sauce, and a mop.

3 completely unrelated items located in different parts of the store that have very different uses, to remember this you might put this into a context, you could create a mini story where a man leaves the restaurant, he orders string beans with hot sauce on it, proceeds to get ill and the Busboys had to come over with a mop. It’s a little crazy not likely to see it in real life but however, that little bit of eccentricity makes it easier for you to remember so the true power of context comes when you combine it with the imagination.

I’m going to show you how to do this now, so you have your little story with the man in the restaurant ordering the string beans and the hot sauce, let’s create a mental image around that story, your image might be a static picture because that’s how you think so you have a picture in your mind of a young man sitting in a restaurant and he has string beans in front of him with hot sauce on top and maybe you have the bus boys off to the right holding the broom with his hand on his hip waiting for that  man to get sick.

Someone else might think more in a movie reel, perhaps maybe someone else may envision the man walking into the restaurant sitting down ordering his hot sauce and string beans and he sees him call the waiter to come over and clean up the mess, either way it works but you have to do it in a manner that works best for you. Hope you are reviewing value in this In this Inteligen Ingredients Review.

So at the Foundation they’ve been doing research in traumatic brain injury – Multiple sclerosis. We teach these two techniques in a 10 session treatment protocol is 5 sessions per week for 2 weeks and what we find after treatment is a significant Improvement in someone’s memory abilities.

On our paper and pencil test of memory functioning where we ask patients to remember list of words they do substantially better after treatment than they do before, but more importantly these patients are reporting that their memories in daily life are better they’re able to apply these techniques to their daily life, their memory dysfunction is less impactful on their daily life, they’re able to participate in society, able to manage their finances, pursue meaningful employment which they weren’t able to do beforehand because these memory difficulties can be so debilitating so that’s a tremendous finding.

Finally and perhaps most interestingly depending on your backgrounds, we also see that the brain changes after only 10 sessions across five weeks were changing how the brain is working and that’s a pretty amazing finding.

Now we’ve shown that these techniques are helpful for a person who has a traumatic brain injury. We have additional ongoing research, what’s important to everyone here today is that these techniques are helpful to everyone. Everyone can use these techniques they’re very simple but they require practice, a lot of practice.

You don’t necessarily need to go to therapy to learn the techniques you can simply start to visualize things, start with 1 item and then make it two items and three items. We ask people to visualize that’s how we start, we give them a story and we ask them to visualize it.  They communicate their visual images to us and we provide feedback, we tell them how they might visualize in a better manner that might be more memorable for them, so you can do this at home or you can work with someone else to try to improve your ability to visualize information and therefore remember information. What I want you to take home today is that memory is not static, we can improve it with effort but it takes effort and like everything else it takes practice practice practice practice.


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