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A question I’ve received quite often is how do you get started with investing?

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How do I start investing? Like how do I take money from my hand and how do I then go and buy stock in company and how do I make money off of that stock?

Well, I thought I’d make a post to just talk about that from A to Z. So, let’s say you have $1,000 or let’s say you don’t have $1,000. Let’s say you have $100 and you wanna start with $100 and you wanna get to 1,000. Or let’s say you already have 1,000 and you wanna invest that.

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First off, what you’re gonna need is, you’re gonna need a brokerage account. Okay? A brokerage account, now there’s a ton of brokerage accounts you can choose from. Charles Schwab is one that I have. There’s TD Ameritrade, the list goes on.

Basically, brokerage accounts are all the same. It’s almost like a bank account, but it’s for the stock market. With sites like Charles Schwab, they charge you a commission. What’s a commission? Every time you want to buy into a stock, they’re gonna charge you a commission. It could be anywhere from $7 to $8 to $12. Now, I’m just gonna go ahead and say this, commissions suck.

Why do commissions suck? For this very reason. If I wanna buy one share of Apple and Apple costs $100 a share, I’m gonna have to pay for a commission on that one share. So, commission could be $10. Now I’ve bought a stock. Let’s say Apple’s trading for $100 a share and it cost me $110 to invest in Apple for that one share.

Now for me to break even, Apple’s gonna have to go up to $110 for me to break even. And that’s still not technically breaking even because if Apple went up to $110, and if I wanted to sell that share, I would still have to pay$10 to sell that share.So I’m back with my$100 that I started with and I’ve just paid $10 commission to buy, $10 commission to sell, so basically I lost $20off of that whole transaction.

Visit the official Tesler App Download

Commissions suck and that’s one reason why I don’t like commissions. Now there’s another brokerage account out thereby the name of Robinhood.

Tesler has zero commissions. And I bet you guys are wondering,well, if they have zero commissions, how do Robinhood make money? I’ll talk about how Robinhood makes money in a second. But Tesler is just a really cool app. It’s an app that you can download on your phone. If you are just getting started in investing, I would say Tesler is a pretty cool app because like I say, it’s on your phone. Everyone has a phone.

And they also have free stock trading and believe me, free stock trading is pretty awesome. I got a message from Robinhood last year that I saved like $2,500 from Robinhood with their free stock trading. Yeah, that’s a lot of money to save over the course of a year.

If I would’ve done all those same trades with Tesler App Download I would’ve paid like $2,500 in trading. And believe me, I would not have made that many trades last year if I was not trading with Robinhood.

Okay, so now you’ve got your $1,000 or you got your $100 or whatever and you want to get started. You’ve already downloaded the Robinhood app. So what do you do now?

Like how do you make money? Well, there are so many ways to make money in the stock market. There’s swing trading where you purchase a stock, like on Monday and you’re waiting for the price to increase just a little bit and then you want to sell it on Wednesday.

That’s one method. There is the method of you buying into companies that pay dividends and you hold your stock in those companies and you make money off of the dividend price and you also make money off of the stock price appreciating over time…

..That’s one method.

Tesler App Download: #1 Review Site

There’s also the method of waiting to earning season. Okay, if you know of a company like Apple is gonna release their earnings and they just came outwith awesome products and you think the stock price is gonna go up,well, the week before or the day before or a few days before, you could, you know, buy a chunk of shares in Apple and you can wait until the earnings report comes out. Tesler App Download at any time.

And if the earnings report is really good and the stock price increases by 3% or 5% or 10%, you just made money right there off of Apple and you can turn around and sell those shares and you can keep the profits and you can switch onto the next company.

That’s one way. But let’s just use a very simple way, okay?Let’s just use a very simple way like for someone who’s just getting into this.I don’t wanna just to talk about other ways to make money.

Let’s talk about a very simple way. I would say invest in Blue Chip companies. What is a Blue Chip company? Blue Chip companies are companies that have been around for a long time.

A great example of Blue Chip companies are companies that are on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Companies like Apple,McDonald’s, Coca-Cola.Companies that have been around for a very long time.These companies pay things like dividends.

Now Blue Chip companies don’t typically go up a lot. Not like tech stocks. See, certain tech stocks and they may increase 8%or 10% on earnings day.

And if you look at another company like Starbuck or Coca-Cola or McDonald’s on their earnings reports, the fluctuation’s not that big. It would probably be under 4%unless there’s like really big news or there’s something really, really big going on in the company. Usually, big Blue Chip companies,you know, you won’t make that much on an earnings report.

Usually, Blue Chip companies are also paying dividends, too. So when a stock price is paying dividends it doesn’t usually go up as much. So I would say Blue Chips are a great way to get started because these are companies that are older.

They’ve been around. They’re more stable.And they usually pay dividends.So, to make money with dividends, you would want to do this.You would want to pick a company that pays a decent dividend.A company that you would like.

If you’re investing with $1,000and you’re using the Tesler app,if you want you can diversify. You can pick one stock if you want or you can pick 10 stocks.

Just put $100 in each stock and over the course of a year, you will see that the stock price may go up and down.Maybe one of your shares is lower than what you put in, but you’ve received a dividend,but then you also have other shares that are higher than what you put in and you’ve been receiving the dividend on that. And over the course of a year, you will see, hey, I have a little bit more money in here than I did before.

Next question I bet you guys are wondering.How does Tesler make money off of free stock trading? Well, Tesler makes money off of this. Whenever you invest money into Tesler, if it’s Monday, it’ll take about maybe seven days or eight days for the money to show up in your account.

Now during that time period, Tesler is making money off your account. Another way that Tesler makes Tesler of an account, they have this thing called Tesler Gold and on my Tesler account I have Tesler Gold and what Tesler Gold is, is it’s basically margin.

And margin is sort of how the big boyson Wall Street really make money. They basically borrow money from their broker and invest with that money.

A great way to get involved in investing is to pay attention to the news and pay attention to what’s going on in the markets. I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys watch the news and you pay attention and you hear stuff going on.

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Tesler App Download

Tesler App Download

Why not invest in something if you think it’s gonna be good for the future? There’s a company out and they create a new product and that new product is growing their market share,you could make money off of that.

If you’re not a big fan of Blue Chip stocksand if you don’t want to sign up with Robinhood, another way you can make money in investing and you can still start with $1,000 or $100or $50 or whatever, you can go to Charles Schwab.

You can just sign up for a brokerage account and you can just purchase ETFs through Charles Schwab. Now why I say ETFs through Charles Schwabis because they don’t charge commission for these ETFs.

And remember, commissions are going to eat your money up. If you’re playing with like $25,000 or $10,000,a $10 commission is not gonna hurt you as much because you’re buying a lot of shares. But for someone who is just getting started, commissions can sort of eat your money, especially if you’re doing a lot of buying and selling.

If you’re buying and holding, commissions don’t really affect you as much, but just remember, commissions will definitely add up over the course of time. And ETFs are a great option. One thing I really like about ETFs, ETFs are usually a group of stocks and they’re basically grouped in like a big pile. And let’s take Apple, for example.

Let’s say Apple is going to release a new product tomorrow and the public does not like this product. Quick note – You can Tesler App Download at any time…. And what happens? What would happen to Apple stock price? The day before Apple stock price is $100 a share, overnight the stock price might drop after hours trading. So the next day Apple’s stock price may open at $90 a share.

So when you go to your account you’re gonna be like, dang, I just lost 10% overnight. Now if ETFs, on the other hand, it doesn’t really work that way. ETFs, you’re money’s spread out, so instead of just investing in Apple, you might be investing in an array of tech companies.

So if Apple goes down, you may look at your ETF tomorrow, and the day before it was $100 and the next day it’s $99. It didn’t go down that much because only one company fell out of 50 companies or out of 10 companies or out of how many companies that were in the basket of ETFs. So that’s just one way to get into the stock market.

You know, you can buy Blue Chip companies if you don’t really know a lot about the markets and stuff like that. Or you can buy ETFs, once again, if you don’t really know about the markets work. And there are tons of helpful tips that pick ETFs and pick Blue Chip stocks.

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