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I f you are reading this page then it is likely that we have something in common. We both like working with wood.

woodworking table plans

woodworking table plans

I am also going to assume that you have a big problem.  You see I had the same problem in the past so I understand.

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It does not take too long to build up. For copper you can use electrical wiring or plumbing parts. Even old pennies, they have to be passed a certain year. I think it’s 1984. [I was wrong, it’s 1982] The started putting cheap metal in pennies, older pennies contain a lot more copper.

I’m using an aluminum nut from something. From some piece of hardware – It files down really easy.  All these metals are soft. It does not take much effort.

Here are the three metals. It does not take much to fill in a ring. Here is the brass. See how small those bits are? The finer the file you use the better it’s going to work. There is the copper and the aluminum. It just falls in there like that. You want to pack it in tightly.

I have a hex driver to help tamp it down in. You don’t want gaps or anything like that. Fill it with a drop of superglue. And let it harden. It’s starting to show up. That came out well with just a light sanding of 600 grit. That is brass powder. It is quite thick so it totally beats any kind of paint you could do because it is not going to wear off.

A coat of glue on the inside and outside and this is done. Let’s take care of some business. We have some viewer mails to read, we have to end the contest. I have to thank Ted again for this project.

What a cool one. It’s lot of fun. I like projects that you can hold and take with you.  Things like this that are small. You can make them for cheap and give them as gifts things like that really fun project so Ted if you have any suggestions on how I made it, how could have done it differently or easier, let us know in the comments section.

Anybody who tries this, send in your photos. I’d like to see what you guys do. You know you can see online other people will use two different kinds of woods. A light and a dark color – There are a lot of other things you can do with these rings that I didn’t show.  So send in photos of you have them If you guys decide to make some.  And again, you’re awesome.

Thanks Ted. Go find his Etsy store. Buy his products if you want. Speaking of viewer mail… this one is from Jonathan Emerling Remember in the last video I mentioned that my brother, brother-in-law and I I did a Mystery Science Theater.   So he sent some photos of stuff he did, but let me get to this first one.

This is really cool you’re going to love it. It’s a game cabinet.  Check out what this does when you open it up. Isn’t that awesome? If you look at the corners of the bricks that are not just painted, those are 3D. They stick out. He built his bots.  Here you can see Crow.  Look how slick that is. If you don’t know what this show is that’s alright.

Especially if you’re international, you probably have no idea what I’m showing you.  There’s Tom Servo And a finished Servo. Should I go get mine?  Maybe I’ll just show a few pictures. I’ll run a few pictures right now while I’m editing and you can see.  This is the show that we did back in ’95 and you can see I had a lot longer hair back then.

We filmed at a high school that built a brand new studio but nobody was using it was so new so we just had access to that and made all those props and anyway but that’s…  you know, half the people probably don’t know what I’m talking about. But I really wanted to share that.  Thanks for the message that was really cool. Here’s one from Johannes and he’s from Norway.

He says;”Hi and thank you for your awesome videos you got me really inspired so I made a Christmas present to my nephew and here’s the result.”If you check out the scabbard is identical to the one that we did in the video. He did a good job on that.  On the shield he did 3D a relief Tri-Force.  Good job and that’s really cool. I love that you made it as a gift for your nephew.

I love hearing that kind of stuff. Awesome, keep sending the photos guys…

Speaking of which, here’s one sent in by Landon Gray bill. You can see he’s quite proud of it and he made his just with a hand sander. I think that’s just the little buzzing palm sander.

A lot more work than belt-sander but you make do with what you have.  It didn’t stop him. I think it came out really nice. Thanks!  Keep it up! Here’s a strange story; one of our viewers, Javier, who is just awesome and I can’t say enough about him.

He actually contacted me he works for Google and he said’ Hey we’re setting up the translate feature where viewers can translate into different languages and add subtitles to the videos. ‘He has been busy working translating some of these videos and a German and you guys can do it too if you speak another language you can really help this channel grow by translating the subtitles into whatever language you speak and submitting it and that way anybody from another country who doesn’t speak English can still have access to the video so it’s really cool so if you want to do that check that out and the little buttons below not totally familiar with it but if you click the CC’ down below you will see it.

Javier has been translating and has done a few and German.  I’m trying to get them done in English first, but that takes me a long time.  If you’re not bilingual and you can at least translate some of the videos and English go for it and submit it and that’ll help speed this along because I’m a bit slow. Some of you may have time and like to do that kind of stuff.  It’s a little bit of work but it’s kind of fun to do at least a little bit. So Javier was at work and he has made a sword and shield and he looked,  I guess in his colleagues office and he sees this. This guy made a sword and shield. What are the chances? This channel is not that big. These were made by Florian Niemann.

He did absolutely killer job on the stencils. I don’t know if you used a vinyl cutter, but that’s nice. Also he put leather on the handle and I think we’ll do that in a future video.   That looks cool and it probably feels nice too. He made the sword with no power tools. That’s funny that Javier saw you did that. What are the chances? Let’s end this old giveaway. I said I’d give this way before Christmas. Kylo Ren. We will change the way we do giveaways.  I’m spending a little too much time compiling all the names and things like that.

I’ll have to change it because all the copy and pasting is taking too long. But we will still do this same way as we’ve done before, but in the future giveaways that might change a bit I’m I just announced the winners and not make it as big drawn out thing Let me double check and see if anybody…see if anybody else joined.  So this is a current list. LEGO City huh? Same as always, I hit PASTE, generate a random number and we find out the winner. In case you don’t know what thesis do giveaways, a lot actually now.

It’s kind of fun and then the Kylo Ren video we’re giving away this guy.  This is everybody who entered and let’s see how many entries there are.84.  You get at least a 1 in 84 shot at winning.  That’s not so bad and some of you even more because if you entered in the previous giveaways as well as the last one.  Those entries are included so you get a higher chance. 

Here we go,  hit paste, and I promise to give this way before Christmas so we’re doing that. Number 50.  You the manmew_the_pinkmin Congratulations!  Looking at that, you had his two previous entries then he included the picture and that actually paid off. You won. Send me a message privately and I’ll get that out to you in time for Christmas. I think he was the only one to send in a photo with the code. Nobody else did so that paid offhand it’s Christmas, let’s giveaway another figure.

I bought another one, a Sky walker figure – a plastic one about this big. It’s somewhere here. Let me go find it. Here it is, just a little guy and it’s not orange, it’s just that the camera is calibrated to the computer screen. Hit PASTE and let’s find out the winner. Merry Christmas guys.14CreeperfilmsHDHey you won! Congratulations.  You entered in three times he got it this time.

Send me your address in a private message. Let’s end this video. That’s going to do it for this video. Before we go I figure we will do one more giveaway.  It’s Christmas, why not. In this giveaway I figure we do veneer. Some of you will want to make these rings but you’re not going to go on Amazon and spent twenty or more bucks on veneer. So all you will need is a razor blade, super glue and sandpaper. I think that’s all we really need to make this work. I ask that if you enter this giveaway that you promise you will make the rings once you get the pack. I think I’ll include some brass clippings as well so if you want to put a Tri-Force on you can do that.

Promise you will make the rings if you win and send in some photos of the rings you make so we can all see. Especially for did anything creative. If you want to send photos or things like that email me at happyatomirl@gmail.comYou can click the ‘ABOUT’ tab on YouTube and get my email from there as well. Write ‘viewer mail’ in the subject line so I can find it. Many times if I get messages from other places it’s really hard to find them. Nowadays you get so many messages from so many different platforms like Face book or whatever. Good luck on these.

If you make it I want to see into, the giveaway.  Leave a comment in the comment section, right something interesting. What you like to do or where you’re from. Its always fun to hear those kinds of things. And include a symbol…How about the asterisk, because it looks like a snowflake.  It’s winter.  So use an asterisk somewhere and that way I can do a search and find the winners. 

I’ll probably announce the winners some other way.  Maybe even before the next video just to speed things up. Good luck on the giveaway and if you make the ring send some pictures and you guys are awesome. Thanks for subscribing thanks for watching really is helping this channel grow. I think we’re getting close to 20,000 Also, Landon Seeing in this picture come in from you made me want to show some of the things I’ve made when I was younger I don’t know if you guys like to see that kind of stuff.

I have a lot of weird little things that I used to make with wood. 

That might be kind of fun for you guys to see. Maybe at 20,000 subscribers we will make a retro project from my past or something like that. Anyway guys thanks for watching. Merry Christmas. Make a present for somebody. They love these things. Handmade gifts like this are really cool and it doesn’t take up much room. This one is too small. That’s a pinky ring for me. You guys are awesome take care.

woodworking plans

woodworking plans

woodworking projects

woodworking projects

woodworking shop

woodworking shop

woodworking table plans

woodworking table plans

woodworking tools

woodworking tools

woodworking vise

woodworking vise

woodworking workbench plans

woodworking workbench plans

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