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I f you are reading this page then it is likely that we have something in common. We both like working with wood.

diy woodworking

diy woodworking

In fact we probably both LOVE working with wood.

I am also going to assume that you have a big problem.  You see I had the same problem in the past so I understand.

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A printout for this project is available in the video description. Thanks for watching again I know it’s been awhile since the last project.

This was a fun one.  I really did have a lot of fun. I love making these.

It’s really easy,  you don’t need a lot of room, you don’t need a bunch of tools, doesn’t cost much so and it’s a project that you can carry around with you which is also kind of fun.

I have to thank Ted for suggesting this to me back in September I think it was.

He showed me a picture of these wood rings that he made and he didn’t go into too much detail on how he made him but he said there are other people making them online and also he said he’s going to be selling them on his Etsy shop.

Let me show you what we’ve got here.

I’ll move the camera. By the way, I’m wearing this. I had an x-ray the other day. I thought I fractured my arm. The doctor said it’s most likely tendinitis. So I have to lay off it and it hurts to move. I turn 40 in a couple months so maybe can expect more of this stuff.

Here’s the packaging of the wood veneer that I got You can pause it now and take a look at the details if you want.

I spent $38 and I got several sheets of wood. All different species of wood, these are really thin cuts. You can see how easy it bends. It’s about the thickness of the cardboard of a cereal box.

We have walnut, oak, that looks like a pine (birds-eye maple) not sure what that is. You can see all the different kinds. So you can make a variety of rings. Walnut is kind of like… not reddish brown but a grayish brown.

Depending on how they cut the wood you get these different patterns in it. I don’t know if it shows up well on camera but the light changes it. It’s really weird.  Almost like a suede or microfiber. This is handy to have for all different kinds of projects. What they didn’t in

woodworking table plans

woodworking table plans

clude was purple wood. [Purple heart]I thought that would have been fun. I have seen in some other packs. I should have grabbed a different one.

It’s actually a purple colored wood. Let’s start! No…Let’s take a look at a ring and then start. This is the first one I made.  I put a little brass Tri-Force inlay there. I like the colors.  I like this reddish-brown and its dark enough that the brass shines and pops a bit.

This is my son’s. My 11 year old son made this one this is his first attempt. You can see it is not hard to do. Here is my…second one.  I did this brass inlay a little differently.  This one is going to be easier if you have a hard time working with brass.

So I’ll show you how I did that. This one has this little bit of a wave to it. I thought that looked neat. Don’t worry about doing it perfect in the beginning because you’re going to find you will like different woods better. Some are easier to work with than others. First thing I will do to make a ring is cut some strips like that. Even though they’re bigger than I want the ring, it gives me some extra room to work with and sand it down.

So this about .5″ (1.27cm) You don’t really need to measure This is 12 inches long, approximately 5″ x 12″ long. So take the wood at this stage, put it on the sand paper, put your finger on the back. Do that until it has a little point that way when you roll it there’s not a step.

It just tapers down into itself really well. Next we go microwave it. Get a glass of warm water and you can soak it first a little bit to help it bend. Wrap it around like that I am just letting it microwave till it starts to boil.

Now wrap it around something that’s going to be a little bit smaller than the size of the ring you want to make. Let’s see how this is bending first. That’s alright. I’m just wrapping it around my utility knife.

It had only been awake glass for 10 minutes or so Then take a rubber band to hold it together. This needs to dry. You can just let it dry overnight. You might speed it up with a heater or use a blow dryer.

I’ll just let this sit for a while. It has been a few hours now. I speed up the drying time with a blow dryer. It still needs a bit more time to dry. Let me show you one that I did a few days ago.

The problem with this one is that it didn’t roll nicely. It actually just folded. You can see all the kinks. If this is happening to you, put this back in hot water, Let it steam longer and try again. I did a few others they came out nice.

Let me show you this one. It’s all dry. You can see how well he keeps it’s shape. It doesn’t unravel, let’s take a second to talk about a ring sizes. This is my wedding ring and I don’t like to wear it when I’m working with power tools because it can get caught on things or smashed and it actually can really injure you pretty bad if it does get caught on something.

Using sockets is the way to go because everybody’s got a set of these, if you don’t your neighbor probably does. But before you glue it, you need to put on some packing tape not much, just one layer around will do.

That will help the superglue not to stick. So put some tape on whatever you use. Put on your socket like this and then take some time and push down really hard and roll it. You are going to do this for as long as you feel like it’s tightening up.

What’s happening is, it’s rolling out any gaps in between the layers and it’s bringing them all to the outside it’s getting tighter and tighter, and I’m not letting up.

I’m always holding on to it so it doesn’t slip loose again. Take a little bit of time and smash the layers flat if you know what I mean. You don’t want this raising. You want them all flat so that the center isn’t higher. I’ll just do this a little bit more. And this is what we are left with. You can see there are no real gaps in between the layers of wood. And I’m not letting go on keeping this very tight.

Now I’m going to use this super glue. It is really fluid. You can hear it sloshing around. You want to see it flow like water inside when you buy this, whatever brand you get. Here it says ‘penetrating ‘If you buy the gooey kind of super glue it’s not going to seep into the wood fiber so it’s really not going to work. You have to get the liquid stuff. I always get it on my fingers usually not that bad.

Just a little bit. It’s soaking in just like water. It does not take long to fuse the layers together. Don’t keep your eyes directly over your work. You are going to find that out pretty quick because the glue fumes go straight up into your eyes and it burns.

This little piece slivered off. Let’s glue that back on. You are coating the whole thing in glue. Being careful not to get it on your fingers, Give this a few minutes to harden and we will be back. It’s been about 5 minutes. If yours is really stuck, if you have a hard time getting your’s off, get a crescent wrench put it on like that. Just apply some pressure down and you should be able to break it free.

Because it’s a socket you can put that in so you have something to grab. I can twist this now.  Where as if I don’t have that on this is pretty hard to twist, I have nothing to grab. So that’s really handy. Also you can put this in your drill and just use power tools and get some sandpaper and it flat. I don’t think we’re going to do that.

I think we’re going to skip to keep this simple. Now let’s cut this lip off. Just so it’s not so rough at the end. The glue didn’t seep all the way in, so we’re goanna have to put some inside. Now let’s clean up the edges of the ring.

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